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Where does bits and pieces come from?
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The phrase follows a well-established pattern in the English language to convey things small and sundry: odds and ends , nooks and crannies , dribs and drabs , bits and pieces. The construction features an expressive redundancy that serves to emphasize the smallness of the matter.

Bits and Pieces (song)

Google Trends also shows an annual spike in popularity for bits and pieces in the months of November and December, which may be attributed to particular holiday food dishes with the phrase bits and pieces in the name, particularly a Midwestern cheese ball dish with various bits and pieces of nuts and herbs. Bits and pieces is widespread in the English language, used in speech and writing and featured in book, film, and song titles.

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However, British English often uses similar phrases, bits and bobs or bits and bats. There are a few particular ways bits and pieces is commonly used.

One way is bits and pieces of a material i. Another way is to metaphorically extend the phrase to emotions e.

Puzzle Brand Comparison — Bits and Pieces

Users also frequently use bits and pieces for something irregular, random, haphazard, or miscellaneous. Menu Dictionary. Submit Definitions Synonyms Editorial All the words. Previous Word: bish.

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