Guide Die Möglichkeiten der Überschreitung des Anschaffungskostenprinzips nach IAS (German Edition)

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Fabasoft AG / PDF

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Z-Burbia 2: Parkway To Hell (Volume 2) [PDF] Full Ebook

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Fabasoft AG 2017/2018

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Alibris has millions of books at amazingly low prices. Community Discussions Reviews Seller Posts. Engage with the Alibris Community Love shopping on Alibris? Especially with regard to fresh business, the intention is to create opportunities in new vertical markets and geographies based on innovative marketing and deployment models. Powerful cloud services Organisations and working processes are becoming increasingly interconnected beyond company and national boundaries making it necessary to develop new, more flexible and mobile forms to collaborate within a reliable framework.

Against this background, Fabasoft, with its Fabasoft Cloud as public cloud, offers an elegant and intuitive standard solution for business-to-business collaboration Made in Europe.

Z-Burbia 2: Parkway To Hell | Jake Bible Fiction

It is software developed for Europe by Europeans and operated in European data centres all on the foundation of a European system of values for data protection, secure access, legal certainty and certified quality standards. The particular trademark of the Fabasoft Cloud is the elegant and intuitive user interface which allows users to effortlessly overcome company and country borders and work together in secure collaboration. The infrastructure of the Fabasoft Cloud locations currently available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland builds the foundation for worldwide collaboration with business partners and at the same time provides customers with certainty and the freedom to choose the location, where the cloud data is stored.

In the Fabasoft Cloud, businesses operate as cloud organisations. This results in a business network which companies use to build trusted relationships for collaboration in the cloud across company and country boundaries. Cloud computing is quickly becoming a globally leading model for the easy, cost-efficient and needs-oriented utilization of IT resources. However, this megatrend is often being thwarted, particularly in Europe, by great concerns that enterprises and organisations have about maintaining the control over and privacy of business data when using cloud computing.

Fabasoft addresses these needs for transparency and security with its offer of appliances combination of hardware and software : the Fabasoft Private Cloud for data storage on site at customer premises, and Secomo for the complete end-to-end encryption of data. The demand for appliances could intensify, especially where the processing of sensitive data is concerned e. Fabasoft Private Cloud The choice between the Public Cloud solution and the Private Cloud solution where applicable integrated into existing on-premises installations could open up new opportunities for the Fabasoft Group to address such customer groups who have to date proved reluctant where the topic of cloud computing is concerned.

Fabasoft expanded the offer in the period under review and also made Secomo available as a Service. This means that customers who already have a Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise Edition now have the possibility of encrypting data with Secomo without any additional costs. Opportunities could arise for the Fabasoft Group in connection with the growing strategic importance of the topics digitisation and data protection in many companies and organisations. In particular the imminent coming into effect of the EU General Data Protection Regulation May could lead to a rise in interest in the market for effective compliance and data governance solutions.

Fabasoft sees itself well positioned in this field and with its cloud products already offers a high-performance portfolio. Auch im Umfeld der automatischen Klassifizierung Kategorisierung von Dokumenten konnte Mindbreeze im Berichtszeitraum prominente Kunden gewinnen. Grundlage dieser offenen Plattformstrategie im Konzern ist das Bekenntnis zu und die Umsetzung von marktrelevanten Standards und Normen in der Softwareprodukt-Entwicklung. Besonderes Augenmerk wird in diesem Zusammenhang auf das Thema Barrierefreiheit Accessibility gelegt.

Weiterhin wirken sich die Kostenvorteile der Open-Source-Plattform-Variante auch positiv auf die Wirtschaftlichkeit sowohl des Cloud-Betriebsmodells als auch der Appliance Angebote aus, denen diese Plattformen ebenfalls zugrunde liegen. Mindbreeze InSpire Ready to Use Appliance for Enterprise Search and Cognitive Information Insight Mindbreeze carries out research and development in the fields of enterprise search, knowledge management and artificial intelligence and is successively opening up new fields of application for these technologies.

In order to make entry as easy as possible for customers, Mindbreeze offers an appliance Mindbreeze InSpire as a solution that is ready to use immediately. The preconfigured appliance is integrated in the company s IT, the data sources connected and then the contents of the sources analysed and linked appropriately. Mindbreeze InSpire is already in productive use at a number of well-known customers in the German-speaking region.

Thanks to its growing visibility on the international market of appliance providers and the positive evaluation of analyst firms, Mindbreeze is also coming to the attention of key account customers and potential partners. In addition international analyst firms are increasingly recommending Mindbreeze InSpire in their dialogues as a sound and excellent basis where use of appliances in the field of knowledge management and enterprise in all their forms is concerned.

The product offers extensive functions that go far beyond classic search-and-find-machines and that are regarded even today by analysts as the next generation. Fast implementation of search apps for customer-specific application cases that enable use of the product without the need of programming plus the provision of comprehensive connectors for the linking of data sources and functionalities in the standard product are all regarded as fields of particularly high potential and the chance of a unique positioning.

Mindbreeze was also able to acquire some high-profile customers in the field of automatic classification categorisation of documents in the period under review. In addition to the development and expansion of the international partner network, it is also intended to forge ahead with the development and expansion of a sales, support and service organisation in the German-speaking regions and beyond, e. Freedom of choice with the platform and commitment to standards A significant and unique selling proposition of the Fabasoft Group s on-premises product portfolio is provided by the possibility of using these products on both Microsoft Windows Platform and open source platforms.

As a result of the increasing cost awareness in both the public and private sectors this cost-efficient option contributes to a positive evaluation of the Fabasoft portfolio.

This open platform strategy is based on a commitment to and the implementation of market-relevant standards and norms in software product development. In this connection, particular attention is paid to barrier-free accessibility. The aim is to contribute to freedom of choice, accessibility, cost-efficiency and future safety for as well as customers and sales and development partners during IT investments. The cost benefits of open-source platform versions also continue to have a positive effect on the efficiency of the cloud operating model and of the appliance offers, which are similarly based on these platforms.

Shorter sales cycles thanks to appliances It was observed in the period under review that the sales cycles in the appliance area are often significantly shorter than those in the classic area of on-premises projects. Sales channels and partnerships In those countries in which Fabasoft is represented by its own companies and in other selected national markets, development, sales and project partners, including those from outside the public sector, are to be acquired and supported.

Aktuell ist Mindbreeze direkt oder durch Partner auf fast allen Kontinenten vertreten. Currently Mindbreeze is represented on virtually all continents, either directly or via partners. It is not possible at this moment in time to forecast to what degree and with what success these partnerships can develop and to what extent additional revenues can be generated with Mindbreeze InSpire. Opportunities for the Fabasoft Group may also emanate from new client groups, for example in certain vertical market segments.

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A more diversified sales and distribution network, which would in certain areas also encompass a partner channel, could in the medium-term constitute another strong business base in addition to the key projects in the public sector. Digitisation in the administration Business with public sector clients depends to a great extent on the budgets of the respective organisations. Business potential for Fabasoft could result from the need expressed by customers to achieve savings and boost efficiency by digitalising administrative work whether and to what extent this can be realised is at this juncture impossible to estimate.

Opportunities could arise for the Fabasoft Group from new projects in connection with the expansion of administrative modernisation and e-government planned in many European countries and beyond, provided the respective political will is translated into concrete projects and investments.

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Highly successful references for the Fabasoft Group also often result in concrete customer enquiries. Intensive tendering activities in Germany There are currently a series of significant digitisation projects E-file on a federal, state and municipality level in the German administration, that are either in the tendering phase or about to go out to tender. As a reliable provider of many years standing with a high-performance range of products and excellent references Fabasoft is very well positioned in this respect and will continue to participate intensively in these extensive award procedures.

Expansion of existing customer relationships in the public sector There are in some cases interesting opportunities for Fabasoft to expand its business also where major existing customers are concerned. In Bavaria, for example, the rollout is progressing well in the authorities of the Free State, where the installation is meanwhile one of the largest and most successful implementations of the E-file anywhere in Germany.