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He glances at the bare dirt-stained walls, then lowers his head. He walks through a sea of paperwork. He bends down, picks up a sheet of paper, then another, turns his back on the soldiers, and surreptitiously shoves a bundle in his briefcase. Everywhere, the ground is strewn with police records, prisoner lists, reports with "Republic of Chad — Documentation and Security Directorate" DDS headers. The American lawyer opens his eyes wide: "Really?

As part of a documentary for the French-German television network Arte , he had asked to see the "pool," a symbol of the dictatorship. A former swimming pool — hence its name — covered with a concrete screed that, under the previous reign, served as a torture chamber. A horrendous place with its tiny cells, in which prisoners died by the hundreds, and its sloping floor that allowed for the disposal of blood and urine.

To be able to go down into the cells, located just next to the presidential residence and still firmly guarded, Brody had to devise a ploy. When he left the "pool," Brody noticed another abandoned building. The importance of the discovery starts to dawn on him.

Brody has what he came for, and more. That day finally came on July 20, in Dakar, Senegal, where the former Chadian president went before the Extraordinary African Chambers, a special court created by the African Union AU , to answer to accusations of "war crimes, torture and crimes against humanity. For the first time, Africa, on its own land and in the name of universal jurisdiction, was going to judge one of its own heads of state.

Reed Brody is a dictator hunter. Tacked to the world map that covers one of the walls of his office, on the 34 th floor of the Empire State Building, in New York, are pictures of his prey: Augusto Pinochet Chile ; Jean-Claude Duvalier Haiti , Alfredo Stroessner Paraguay , Pol Pot Cambodia , Suharto Indonesia , Saddam Hussein Iraq , Omar al-Bashir Sudan — a who's who of warlords, generals, tyrants, rais, dear leaders, number one comrades that, beyond their ideological differences, have all oppressed and massacred their fellow countrymen. The lawyer is also the author of four reports condemning the abuses committed by the American army in the Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prisons, as well as a book called Faut-il juger George Bush?

Should George Bush be Tried?

The best international journalism. Finally in English.

His aim? To put an end to impunity, which he defines with wit: "If you kill someone, you go to jail.

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But if you're responsible for the death of 40, people, you're invited to a peace conference. Brody likes to say that he's always been on the side of the "good guys," even at the start of his career, when he was the assistant attorney general of the state of New York, in The turning point came in , during a stay in Nicaragua , which, at the time, was in the midst of a revolution.

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He visited the brother of a colleague, a missionary in a village near Honduras, and listened to priests describing the attacks launched from the border by the contras, a counter-revolutionary force backed by the CIA. I decided to do something," Brody recalls. Let's go. Allons au festival! Let's go to the festival! Allons danser!

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Attrape la gazette sus le comptoir. Grab the newspaper on the counter.

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    Il a mis un petit brin de piment dans la sauce. He put a little bit of pepper in the gravy. That's the courthouse.

    La France deviendra-t-elle une République islamique ?

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