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Harmony and dissonance: cultural transactions in the museum of violence. Shanghai, China.

International Bibliography of Conscientiology

November, Deaccession and return of cultural heritage: a new global ethics. Printed in China by the Zhejiang Provincial Museum. The museological experience: concepts for a museum phenomenology. Morlanwelz, Belgium. June Museology: back to basics.

The museum of people: struggling with the global myth. Changsha, China. Museums, museology and global communication. How the Museum deals with reality: from museum techniques to the ethical matters. Symposium Museology, Universal Heritage and Techniques. Heritage in process in a continent of mixtures. ISBN: X. Museology in Colonial Contexts more. Doi: Palavras-chave: Museologia. Passagem criadora. Performance museal. Abstract: The article explores the central role of the concept of " musealization " in the scope of contemporary museology allowing the definition of the later as a social science.

Musealization is understood as a creative passage, that involves specific practices that lead to the liminal state of museum performance. Taking musealization as an empirical subject and a methodological model for museology, research in this field can be argued as the experimental and conceptual study of the integrated chain of musealization. By redirecting the focus of museological analysis to the action produced by musealization, we may conceive a path to a museology based on the experience of the states of symbolical reality " elevated " by museum performance.

Provoking Museology: the geminal thinking of Zbynek Z. His theory generates, thus, the necessary foundation for the museological field, integrating theory and practice, and initiating a social and scientific reflection for museology. Therefore, the paper historicizes the process of configuration of disciplinary museology in Eastern Europe in order to understand what was in the base of the geminal thinking structuring this branch of knowledge and, at the same time, appointing new pathways for its future.

Its goal is to define the specificity of the musealization process as a process of production of museum objects musealia constitutive of a particular regime of value. The paper analyses the axiological grammar , as La tratta di essere umani: tra immagini, miti e prospettive di ricerca e intervento.

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Rio de Janeiro, inverno attese e contrasti della cidade maravilhosa. La migrazione italiana in Germania: una questione attuale. Portuguese fight against match-fixing: which policies and what ethic? Merging legality with illegality in Paraguay: the cluster of order in Pedro Juan Caballero. Corruption in Latin America: stereotypes of politicians and their implications for affect and perceived justice.

The official football match-fixing prevention discourse as a cognitive limitation the cases of Iberian countries.

Reframing illegalities: crime, cultural values and ideas of success in Argentina. New perspectives on crime, violence and insecurity in Latin America. Social classes and tolerance to corruption in Portugal: which is the relation? The discursive use of the concept of 'corruption' in parliamentary debates during the Portuguese Estado Novo — Why voters do not throw the rascals out?

Teixeira Antonio Braz - AbeBooks

Ilegalidad justificada? Planning in turbulent times: exploring planners' agency in Jerusalem. The politics of suburbia: Israel's settlement policy and the production of space in the metropolitan area of Jerusalem. The political geographies of urban polarization: a critical review of research on divided cities.

Two states or not two states? Leadership and peace making in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

English - Portuguese dictionary

Citizenship in Palestine: a fractured geography. The value of grounded theory for disentangling inequalities in maternal-child healthcare in contexts of diversity: a psycho-sociopolitical approach. Women Mayors in Portugal: a case study in political representation and citizenship. Fighting depopulation in Portugal: local and central government policies in times of crisis.

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  • The revolution in local government: mayors in Portugal before and after Territorial inequalities: depopulation and local development policies in the Portuguese rural world. The agrarian reform under the Portuguese revolution, its roots and reversal. Landlords, tenants and agrarian reform: local elites and regime transitions in Avis, Portugal, Fighting disease and epidemics: Ricardo Jorge and the internationalization of Portuguese science.

    Epidemics in the news: health and hygiene in the press in periods of crisis. The Portuguese cholera morbus epidemic of as seen by the press. Women in Portuguese politics. Party politics in Portugal: municipalities and central government. Memory and trauma of the Portuguese agrarian reform: a case study.

    Duarte Pacheco: uma biografia. Portuguese healthcare reforms in the context of crisis: external pressure or domestic choice? Public opinion towards healthcare in the context of economic crisis: evidence from Portugal. Online staging of femininity: disciplining through public exposure in Brazilian social media.


    On cultural plurality in the public sphere: choosing between freedom and equality as criteria of judgement. Whither culture? On the predominance of cognitivism in media and communication studies. Populism, extremism and media: mapping an uncertain terrain. Political participation in an age of mediatisation. New world slavery: redefining the human. On white mythologies: detotalising the legacy of modernity. Descompassos de uma etnografia: sobre os passados presentes de um bairro. Introduction: Lisbon places, urban experiences. Belongings and interactions negotiating portuguese speaking identities in Boston.

    Les ciutats es fan per dins: desafiaments en etnografia urbana. Participative social work and urban change: two case studies in Lisbon and Bucharest. As cidades fazem-se por dentro: desafios de etnografia urbana. Practical training enters Portuguese universities. Entre a rua e a paisagem. Uma certa ideia de cidade: popular, bairrista e pitoresca. Sociabilidad masculina y consumo de alcohol: un 'juego de vino' en Lisboa. O lugar da antropologia. Unveiling the experiences of young people in foster care: perspectives from Portugal and Nigeria.

    European top managers' support for work-life arrangements. Crowding out, crowding in or just a matter of transformation? Informal financial support in Portugal and Sweden. Tiempos, trabajos e identidades. Becoming working mothers: reconciling work and family at three particular workplaces in Norway, the UK, and Portugal. Recorridos de incertidumbre. Moving into adulthood in a southern European country: transitions in Portugal. Workplace abuse and harassment: the vulnerability of informal and migrant domestic workers in Portugal.

    Describe all or just a few? Decomposition of the gender wage gap in Portugal, the evidence of gender discrimination. Fault lines in education: dualization and diversification of pathways over 40 years of debate on education policy in Portugal. What do we mean by school dropout? Early School Leaving and the shifting of paradigms in school dropout measurement. Gender and civil-military relations.

    The sociological dimension of external military interventions: the Portuguese military abroad. Gender relations in the armed forces: does the draft make a difference?