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This Bursary is a yearly award and must be re-applied for each year to be considered for another bursary. Bursary winners will be announced on 15 August every year on the Hidden Pearls website.

Successful candidates will also be notified via the email they provided on the bursary form. In case of a winner not responding within 10 working days, the Bursary will be forfeited and given to the next candidate. Rashdah Hameed bursaries hidden-pearls.

Most of the hijabs I saw in London shops had a cheap feel to them. Disappointed by these retail clothing shops, I decided to buy hijabs online. However this was also a disappointment. The hijab stores online were a similar story too.

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Although I have to admit the variety of colours and fabric available in most hijab shops online is much better than high street hijab stores, however they were extremely over-priced. On top of this, almost all of the hijabs stores in the online World had another massive problem i.

Out of these personal frustrations, the idea of Hidden Pearls was born. I discussed these problems with a friend of mine who had worked in the clothing industry for decades and as a result of non-stop work for several months, we were Alhamdulillah able to launch Hidden Pearls back in February of Alhamdulillah it has been an amazing journey since then.

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It has not been easy by any means. We also have to travel a lot to make sure our prices are one of the cheapest in the online hijab market. Recently we have also started publishing some informative Islamic articles.

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