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15 Pizza Marketing Ideas in 12222 For Every Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria
  1. 22 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses
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  3. The Best Pizza Marketing Ideas That Work (Mostly Free)

Lounge About on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a major social media site that is often under-utilized. Recycle Your Content. Just as you can repurpose existing data studies, you can rehash your old content into new creations as well! Turn a webinar into a video tutorial. Transform a collection of blog posts into an ebook. Develop a Customer Referral Program. Offer existing customers a free product, free month of service, or some other reward for referring new customers. Remember, word-of-mouth is powerful stuff, so friends telling friends about your business is incredibly valuable.

Online Contests. Really tight on budget? Even a couple high-end water bottles or fancy backpacks might be enough of a draw for some users. Not sure how to host a contest? Go with Rafflecopter — they make it super easy to set up a contest and embed the contest entry form on your website. Industry Partnerships.

Team up with a business related to your industry but not a direct competitor for a joint project. This can be done locally offline through some kind of special event, or online with a webinar or promotional giveaway. Partnering with another business means twice as much notice.

People pay big money for that kind of access! Apply Online for Business Awards. Most industries have business awards you can win, providing you with an online badge you can place on your website. Badges like these can boost credibility, and as a result, increase sales. Local marketing can often be less expensive than massive online campaigns.

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Here are 69 MORE ways to boost your business. Awesome Business Cards.

22 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Get yourself some snazzy business cards, then give them to every person you lay eyes on. Every handshake should come with a business card. Guerilla Marketing. Guerilla marketing emphasizes creativity over budget, and strategies are often cheap and easy to implement, especially when localized. We did a massive post about guerilla marketing recently, detailing a bunch of strategies and examples you should check out if you want to learn more! Host an Event or Class. Plan an event or class to host, then print out flyers and post them on community bulletin boards libraries, coffee shops, local colleges and adult ed centers.

Germany's news in English

Business Card Drawing. Put a fishbowl at your place of business with a sign asking visitors to drop their business cards in for a chance to win something from you for example, a restaurant might offer a free pizza party. Check out 24 more restaurant marketing ideas here. Email Marketing. Email marketing is a great way to get new visitors engaged with your business, as well as maintain relationships with your existing customers.

Get new website visitors to sign up for your newsletter by offering a bonus content piece for subscribing e. Slowly nurture your subscribers via email until they are ready to become paying customers. Start your email campaigns with a free email marketing service like MailChimp. Car Magnets for the Company Car. Slap a magnetic sign on your company car to build brand awareness as you drive around town just be sure to obey traffic laws.

The Best Pizza Marketing Ideas That Work (Mostly Free)

Bumper stickers and window decals work as well! Give Away Balloons at Local Events. Get a few hundred custom balloons printed with your business name, rent a helium tank, and watch the smiles roll in. Kids love balloons.

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Adults love them too, but are embarrassed to admit it. Join in on Local Contests. Consider donating a product or service of yours as a prize in a local contest or event. Without that, people are going to be relying on social media to find out more information about you. Tell your friends and family. Put it on your new small business on your Facebook page, and ask for support. Close friends and family are going to be mostly supportive. The rest, are too nosy to not take a look!

Without taking this first logical step, that would never have happened. Growing up, I had always enjoyed using forums. I was a member of different online groups that used forums as their main communication method. But, on the forum, they also had a place for Tenders and Services Required.

I found my first several paid client jobs through that. You need to become an active part of the community. Setting up the right social media channels for your business is invaluable when it comes to advertising your small business. But just like forums, you have to participate.

How To Create A Facebook AD 2019 - From Start To Finish

Nobody wants to see your business spam. The biggest thing we did at Canny to drive our small business advertising and marketing efforts forward, was creating great content. One of the excuses people use when creating digital content, is the lack of time or creativity to get the job done. If you create a long form video, you can use the audio as a podcast, transcribe it for a blog post, and then slice it up for lots of social media content. He even has a free slide deck about content repurposing.

You can create one longer piece of content, and turn it into smaller pieces. This saves you time, energy, and most importantly when it comes to small business advertising, budget. Creating good blog posts, videos, and podcasts is all well and good, but you need to focus on getting website visitors into your sales funnel.

Inside each blog post, we have a free ebook, white paper, or checklist that is relevant to the visitor. But, when distributed as a free ebook in other posts on our site, it takes on extra perceived value. If you have a physical location, this will be an easy win for you. But it also works for service based businesses.

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Go into those businesses, armed with your flyers and business cards, and ask to open up discussions with the owner. You place your flyers in The Healthy Food Shop, and give their customers a discount. You take their flyers, and offer your members a discount at their place. Reciprocal partnerships like this can really help you tap into the local community, and a wider range of potential buyers.

This is one of the key business advertising ideas we used to grow our business in the early years. We looked for other design agencies to work with. Specifically, we went after agencies that were bigger than us, and freelancers and agencies that were smaller than this. Referring up and down the chain helped us pick up several key clients in the early years of Canny.

The Chamber of Commerce events are always highly recommended. You also have people that set up specific matchmaking events. In the North East for example, we have Exclusive, who set up valuable, high profile networking sessions, with guest speakers and high level attendees. When networking, you want to identify key prospects who might be at the events ahead of time, and then go after them.

Ask the organisers to be sat next to them , and make conversation around the topics you want to cover. You can use Eventbrite to find a range of networking events in your area. However, more exclusive networking events not be listed on there. The local business press is a good way to find out about these events. People still love giving out their card, and personally, I love receiving business cards.