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Knights Templar - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Norwegian 2. Turkish 2. Czech 1. Greek 1. He was also intrusted by Henry the Third with large sums of money, out of which he was commanded to pay ten thousand marks to the emperor of Constantinople. Among the many illustrious benefactors to the order of the Temple at this period was Philip the Second, king of France, who bequeathed the sum of one hundred thousand pounds to the Grand Master of the Temple. He refused to retreat before a superior force, and was surrounded and overwhelmed; a hundred knights of the Temple and three hundred cross-bowmen were slain, together with many secular warriors, and a large number of foot soldiers.

He was disabled and covered with wounds, yet he unflinchingly bore the Beauseant, or war-banner, aloft with his bleeding arms into the thickest of the fight, until he at last fell dead upon a heap of his slaughtered comrades. The Preceptor of Antioch, before he was slain, " sent sixteen infidels to hell. As soon as the Templars in England heard of this disaster, they sent, in conjunction with the Hospitaliers, instant succour to their brethren.

The Hospitaliers appointed Brother Theodore, their prior, a most valiant soldier, to lead a band of knights and of stipendiary troops, with an immense treasure, to the succour of the Holy Land. Having made their arrangements, they all started from the house of the Hospitaliers at Cleekenwell in London, and passed through the city with spears held aloft, shields displayed, and banners advanced. They marched in splendid pomp to the bridge, and sought a blessing from all who crowded to see them pass.

2. They didn’t joke around when it came to discipline

Whilst the Knights Templars were thus valiantly sustaining the cause of the cross against the infidels in the East, one of the holy brethren of the order, the king's special counsellor, named Geoffrey, was signalising his zeal against infidels at home in England, A. According to Matthew Paris, he seized and incarcerated the unhappy Israelites, and extorted from them immense sums of money. It was at this period, A. The patriarch returned thither with all his clergy, the churches were reconsecrated, and the Templars and Hospitaliers emptied their treasuries in rebuilding the walls.

We despatched certain of our brethren, noble and discreet personages, to Cairo, to have an interview with the Sultan upon these matters. The Grand Master proceeds to relate the progress of the negotiations, and the surrender of the holy city and the greater part of Palestine to the soldiers of Christ. The holy places have been reconsecrated and purified by the prelates of the churches, and in those spots where the name of the Lord has not been invoked for fifty-six years, now, blessed be God, the divine mysteries are daily celebrated.

To all the sacred places there is again free access to the faithful in Christ, nor is it to be doubted but that in this happy and prosperous condition. But, alas! With the exception of the prelates of the churches, and a few of the barons, who afford us all the assistance in their power, the entire burthen of its defence rests upon our house alone. But indeed we can in nowise defend for any great length of time the places that we hold, against the sultan of Egypt, who is a most powerful and talented man, unless Christ and his faithful followers extend to us an efficacious support.

Cotton MS. Nero, E.

Knights Templar

Ottonis a S. Blazio, c. Trivet , ad. Denis , lib. Vinisauf , p. Bohadin , cap. King Richard was the first to enter the town. Tunc rex per cocleam quandam, quam forte prospexerat in domibus Templariorum solus primus intravit villain. Cotton, MS. Nero E. Dei, p. Dei, tom. Martene , tom. Acta Rymeri , tom. Nero C.

King John resided at Temple Ewell from the 7th to the 28th of May. Acta Rymeri, tom. Hanc pecuniam solvet in domo Novi Templi London. Historiarum Hieronymi Rubei , lib.

Templars and Pagans

Gesta Dei, tom i. Christ nov. Bernard Thesaur. Magni Magistri Templi apud Matt. See also another letter, p. Bath--Sarum episcopis. Solus quoque eorum Preceptor priusquam trucidaretur, sexdecim hostium ad inferos destinavit. But according to history, the Templars were good seafarers.

From the surviving Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land, they had acquired various maps and learned the sciences of geometry and mathematics, enabling them to navigate not only along the shores of Europe and along the African coast, but to explore lands and seas lying farther away. Money and medallions issued by the Templars, who invented the first banking system. Before one could be considered for admission into the order, he had to meet a number of preconditions. Among them, a man had to be in good health, not married or indebted, without any obligations and not bound by any other order, and willing to accept becoming a slave and servant of the order.

The initiation ceremony was held in a domed chamber resembling the Church of The Holy Sepulchre and was to be conducted in absolute secrecy. In his article titled " Tampliyeler ve Hurmasonlar " Templars and Freemasons mason Teoman Biyikoglu refers to the order's rule of about the initiation ceremony:. The Master addresses the congregated brothers of the order: "Dear brothers, some of you have proposed that Mr.

X may be admitted to the order. If any of you know of any reason to oppose his initiation, say so now. If no word of opposition is spoken, the candidate will be led to the adjoining chamber of the temple. In this chamber, the candidate is visited by three of the most senior brothers, told of the difficulties and hardship awaiting him if he is admitted to the order, and then asked whether he still wishes to be admitted.

If his answer is affirmative, he is asked whether he is married or engaged to be married, has links to other orders, is indebted to anyone, is of good health, and whether or not he is a slave. If his answers to these questions comply with the requirements of the order, the senior brothers will return to the temple and say,.

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Before being readmitted into the temple, the candidate is again asked whether he still insists on being admitted. If he still answers yes, the Grand Master addresses the candidate:. But are you aware of how hard our conditions really are?